Killing by Proxy: wildlife crime in the UK today

Killing by Proxy: wildlife crime in the UK today. Alan Stewart

My blogs have been less frequent of recent weeks as I’ve been putting the finishing touches to my latest book, Killing by Proxy. The description of the book contents, as per the back cover, is:

The author draws on half a century of experience in general policing, CID investigations, specialist wildlife crime investigation and criminal intelligence work to analyse and expand on wildlife crimes and incidents occurring right across the UK and reported in the media and on social media. He narrows the range to concentrate on cruelty to wild animals, such as fox hunting, hare coursing and crime committed against badgers. The main part of the book analyses crime associated with game management, especially that relating to intensive driven grouse shooting, and included is a chapter on the valued assistance in some police investigations by experts with relevant skills.

Is foxhunting pest control or simply a nice day out for garishly-dressed people on horses? What cruelty is involved? What is happening to the satellite-tagged hen harriers and golden eagles that have disappeared? Why is evidence obtained by covert surveillance by non-government organisations frequently disallowed by prosecutors or courts? Should shooting be licensed or should driven grouse shooting simply be banned? Who are the main people behind raptor persecution? How can rich landowners avoid prosecution? With all of these questions is the relevant legislation working? What, if anything, is being done to improve the situation? All of these, and more, are discussed in depth by an author who has experienced the complexities of these investigations.

The cover photo of the book is by renowned wildlife photographer Laurie Campbell and is of a female hen harrier about to take a chick offered as diversionary feeding at Langholm Moor. There are 16 pages of colour photographs elaborating on some of the content.

The book is at the printers and should be with me on 7 December at the latest. The cost is £9.99. Anyone wishing a signed copy is welcome to DM me on Twitter or email me at and I’ll post it out as soon as they arrive. If you would also like a copy of The Thin Green Line, seen on this blog under My Books, I’d post them both out at a total of £13.

My more-recent books are not available on Amazon, but as well as from my publisher, (Thirsty Books, Edinburgh), are available from Waterstones, many independent book shops and (signed) directly from me.

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