More flytipping

A lorry load of rubbish dumped in a passing place on a quiet rural road

A lorry load of rubbish dumped in a passing place on a quiet rural road

Yet again there has been fly-tipping on the roadside near where I stay. Because this is a quiet road in a rural area it is a magnet for criminals dumping their rubbish.  This time there has been a small lorry-load of garden and building rubbish left in a passing place. A concrete slab, an old wheelbarrow, a bucket, clippings from a rowan tree and much more comprised the load, most likely dumped by a bogus workman with a small tipper lorry.

There is a small charge for ‘businesses’ depositing their rubbish at the local council refuse disposal amenities. There is no doubt that this is part of the reason for dumping in the countryside. Rather than pay like the rest of us, some people have no conscience in dumping at the roadside, in field gates or in woodland, giving work and expense to councils (and thus to the rest of us through council tax) or to the unfortunate owner of the land. The other possible reason may be that they don’t want to be identified as being employed while drawing various benefits.

The council removed the rubbish within a couple of days but I’d love to know what investigation was carried out to try to identify the culprit; probably none.  I’d like to see photos of large-scale fly-tipping like this appear in local newspapers. I bet the original owner of this rubbish paid dearly for it to be removed and could probably identify the combination of articles as theirs, thus leading to the culprits. Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen and we are all left with cleaning up after inconsiderate and selfish criminals.

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One Response to More flytipping

  1. vivienne shilling says:

    I agree with you absolutely. This is happening all the time and it is not helped by Councils like Notts CC demanding that residents register their cars before taking their rubbish to a skip. They should be making recycling easier rather than more difficult.

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