A Wealth of Wildlife (Thirsty Books – £9.99)

Front cover of 'A Wealth of Wildlife'

Front cover of ‘A Wealth of Wildlife’

My latest book, A Wealth of Wildlife, has been printed and copies should be with me on Friday 3 December. I would be pleased to post out signed copies, and there is still plenty time for Christmas delivery. The following is the summary of the contents as per the back page of the book:

Alan Stewart’s account of a year walking a Highland Perthshire farming and shooting estate demonstrates that a vast range of wildlife can thrive where conservation is embraced within land management. The book is a culmination of a lifetime’s knowledge of wildlife, the author guiding the reader into the secret lives of the birds and animals in his native Perthshire. His country lore allows him to watch a hunting goshawk and a sleepy tawny owl after being alerted to their presence by other birds; you can almost hear the songs of birds such as mistle thrush, lapwing and common sandpiper. There are vivid narratives of encounters with less commonly seen birds such as the white-tailed eagle, snow goose, crossbill, green woodpecker and garden warbler. The author has close assignations with mammals such as fallow deer and red squirrels and follows the fascinating trail of a hunting fox in the snow.

Praise for Alan Stewart:

‘The author is ever alert, taking time to note the beauty of his surrounding, the birds and birdsong.’—Scots Magazine

‘Narrated in a charming informal style – a pleasure to read.’—Scottish Association for Country Sports Journal

‘Confidently written, conversational, highly educational – quite an inspiration.’—BirdGuides

‘Britain’s foremost wildlife detective.’—Scottish Field

For a signed copy contact me at alanstewart164@btinternet.com

or copies from Thirsty Books at http://www.thirstybooks.com/

Will also be available via Amazon and good bookshops soon.

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