No dogs allowed in here – I count to ten!

Molly having a snooze

Molly having a snooze

I took Molly my wee dog for its usual early morning walk on Wednesday, finishing by approaching the village post office just before 7.00 am. As I was in a bit of a rush that morning as I had a meeting in Glasgow and a train to catch, I lifted Molly up, nipped into the shop, grabbed a paper and proffered the 70p cost to the woman behind the counter. This whole transaction, without interruption, would have taken less than half a minute.

But there was an interruption.

I was told that dogs were not allowed in the shop and that I should not bring it in again. My response was that I was sure it had caused less health issues, held under my arm, than many of the kids I see in the shop handling various items, sometimes putting them to their mouth or rubbing grubby hands on them, and returning them to the shelves. No other customer was in the shop so no complaint could have been made.

The lady behind the counter said she agreed with me but that the shop sold food, a fact of which I was well aware. I was also well aware that, apart from some turnips and carrots, all the food was in packaging, some of which may already have been pawed by the grubby fingers of youngsters who had shortly before been playing in the park or in their garden. I was also well aware that there is no hard and fast rule that dogs cannot be in premises with food and that the decision is that of the owner. My grand-daughter is manager of a restaurant at the higher end of the Edinburgh market and allows dogs in with their owners. Indeed Molly has been there several times and sat quietly under the table.

I was annoyed and keen to continue the argument but thought that if I did so the likelihood of my visiting the post office again would be slim. I counted to ten, bit my tongue and left. I am gradually cooling down, but nevertheless bought my paper In Perth on Thursday and Friday. I may not bother with papers over the weekend.

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