Molly’s haircut

The scruff Molly before her cut and blow-dryA slightly more posh Molly after her cut and blow-dryIt is a while since I did an update on our new pup, Molly. Of the numerous dogs we have had in our lives she has turned out to be by far the most energetic. Before we bought her I read that shipoos (shih-tzu poodle crosses) were content to sit on your lap. Not unless she is tied down she doesn’t! She will chase a ball in the garden for as long as someone is able to throw it for her, and her favourite ‘toy’ is a yellow flower pot, now split down the side in several places, that she loves to be thrown for her. She can run carrying the flower pot, covering her eyes, and still manage to jump the path between the lawns.

Though she is a bright wee dog, she is taking a while to house-train, and there are still accidents from time to time, though never overnight. Probably she is just too knackered from her diurnal exploits and needs to sleep the whole night.

Her hair was getting very long and she was feeling the heat during the recent hot weather. My grand-daughter Hannah and I were keen to cut her woolly fur with scissors (even though the end result would probably have made another good advert for Specsavers) but the sharp scissors I have for cutting the dogs have sharp points, and it is difficult to get her to sit still for two minutes. I could see an ear getting cut off or an eye poked out so decided to have her done professionally and with clippers.

This was probably a good idea, since Pets at Home told us that dogs under 9 months (Molly is 5 months) should only have a light trim otherwise their eventual adult coat may be spoiled. Much as I would have liked her rumped, a trim it was to be.

She behaved well at Pets at Home, and had a bath and blow-dry as well as a trim. The job took over two hours and she was beginning to get a bit stressed out towards the end so one ear has still to be done (I could hardly notice). She looked very clean and posh when we got her back but a few hours later, after digging in the garden and running through the wood, we could see little difference. I’ll give the hair on her head and face a trim in a few weeks and she can have a full haircut around September.

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