Snaring in Scotland from 1 April 2013

A snare set legally

A snare set legally


A snare set illegally on a log over a burn

A snare set illegally on a log over a burn

A reminder to all those who use snares in Scotland that from tomorrow – Monday 1 April – anyone setting a snare must have

  • Attended and passed a training course, and received an accreditation certificate
  • Presented in person the accreditation certificate (plus a £20 fee) to the police and received a personal identification code number to attach to snares
  • Attached the personal identification code number to every snare set in a weatherproof format
  • Indicate on the tag with the letter F, BH or R whether the snare is set for a fox, brown hare or rabbit
  • Keep a record of the location of every snare set
  • Keep a record of everything caught in the snares
  • Maintain these records for 2 years
  • Produce the record to a police officer within 21 days of a request to do so
  • Be aware that the identification number that appears on a tag fitted to a snare is presumed in any legal proceedings to be the identification number of the person who set the snare

My experience is that snaring in Scotland has become more professional over the past few years, nevertheless there are still snares found set illegally from time to time. The police do not take any moral stance on the use of snares, they simply uphold the law as it is written. Please ensure that the improvement seen over the past few years continues. Any person known to be using snares illegally, whether by the absence of a tag, failure to check them within the statutory time period, setting them where the animal caught can be fully or partially suspended or drowned, using a snare on a drag or using an illegal snare should be advised of the law or reported to the police.


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